Organizing Committee

•   Prof. Ahmed Okasha, M.D., PhD, F.R.C.P., F.R.C., Psych., F.A.C.P (Hon.) Founder, Professor and
     Emeritus Chairman Institute of Psychiatry, Ain Shams University,
     Hon. President Egyptian Psychiatric Association,
     Hon. President Arab Federation of Psychiatrists,
     President of World Psychiatric Association WPA (2002-2005),
     Member of the Egyptian Presidential Advisory Council of distinguished Scientists
•   Prof. Afzal Javed, WPA  PRESIDENT Elect The Medical Centre. Manor Court Avenue Nuneaton,
     United Kingdom
•   Prof. Afaf Hamed Khalil, Professor of Psychiatry, MD, FRCpsych, FAPA Institute of Psychiatry,
     Ain Shams University, President of Egyptian Association of Psychiatric Services
•   Dr. Alzain Abbas Omara, MD , FRCpsych , DPM , FAPA, Consultant Psychiatrist, Al Noor Hospital
•   Prof. Thyloth Murali, MD, DPM, PRESIDENT ELECT WAPR
    Prof. and Head Dep. of Psychiatry, M.S.Ramaiah Medical College and Hospitals
•   Prof. Marianne Farkas, Boston Rehabilitation Center, USA
•   Prof. Veronica Carey, Prof. Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Drexel University , Philadelphia
     Chair of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Academy, USA

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