Learning Objectives

At the end of this educational program, participants will be able to: 
•   Review current state-of-the-art advances in Dermatology, Aesthetics, Anti-aging Medicine, Laser and Cosmetics 
•   Apply gained knowledge to the care and treatment of patients 
•   Recognize new and evolving therapies for various conditions involving the skin. 
•   Apply clinical practice recommendations and evidence-based guidelines to advance patient care in daily practice
•   Implement evidence-based best practice strategies  
•   Apply the various treatment options available
Highlighted Topics Include:
•   Dermatological Diseases
•   Allergy
•   Psoriasis
•   Advanced in Acne
•   Hair Care
•   Hair Therapies and Transplantation
•   Bolus disease and Alopecia Areata
•   Clinical Dermatology
•   Dermatology: Therapies & Advances
•   Diagnostic Techniques in Dermatology
•   Pigmentary disorders 
•   Pediatric Dermatology
•   Cosmetic Dermatology
•   Skin-Toxico Pharmacology
•   Psychodermatology
•   Dermatological Oncology
•   Burns
•   Herbal Dermatology
•   Cosmetic Surgeries
•   Aging Dermatology
•   Skin Cancer
•   Psoriasis
•   Acute Dermatologic Diseases
•   Surgical Dermatology
•   Cosmetic Dermatology
•   Paediatric Dermatology
•   Clinical Immunology
•   Bacterial Skin Infections
•   Viral Skin Infections
•   Fungal Skin Infections
•   Research in Dermatology







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