Steps on how to apply & register

There is a pre-qualification application that must be completed by the individual and sent to ABMQ directly (by email or fax) for approval PRIOR to registration.
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Handbook could be ordered from:
All candidates for certification must complete the online application before the published deadline of registration, 20th August 2018. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the ABMQ Applications Review Committee, whose members are appointed by the chair of the ABMQ Board of Directors.

If you meet the essential eligibility criteria for candidates you will be notified by email that your application has been approved and you can proceed with payment and registration.

Exam Rules:
  • Candidates must report to the exam site as instructed on your letter of acceptance. Candidates arriving late may be admitted at the discretion of the chief proctor.
  • No pager, cell phones, alarms, or similar devices may be operative during the exam.  Candidates will be reminded to turn such devices off prior to the exam.  Any person using such devices may be dismissed from the exam room and disqualified from the examination. Tablets, e-readers and other handheld computers are also prohibited.
  • No books, reference materials, or study aids of any sort are allowed in the exam room unless stored in the back of the room as directed by the chief proctor.
Exam Scoring:
  • Examination questions, answers, and grading guidelines are developed and approved by the ABMQ Board of Directors.
  • There is no penalty for incorrect answers.
  • No credit is given for items for which more than one response is selected.
  • For the 2018 examination the passing score will be decided based on psychometric principles.             
Successful candidates will be awarded the CMQ designation. The ABMQ Board of Directors reserves the right to change the grading system for future examinations in 2019 and beyond.

Reporting of Results:

Candidates will receive the results 6 weeks post examination. Individual test scores will be released only to the candidate.

Certification expiration:

The initial CMQ certification expires after 5 years.  Subsequent certifications, i.e., recertification, expire after 10 years.
  1. The Certification in Medical Quality (CMQ) recognizes that recipients have mastered a level of knowledge and a fundamental understanding of the basic tenets of medical quality as identified by the American Board of Medical Quality (ABMQ).
  2. The ABMQ has reviewed and approved the eligibility criteria of all candidates for the CMQ. Candidates have verified by signature that the credentials listed in the CMQ examination application are correct. ABMQ is not responsible for any misrepresentation of candidates' credentials.
  3. The study materials listed on this website may be suggested or developed by the American College of Medical Quality (ACMQ), which has no further influence over or access to the content of the ABMQ examination.