Scientific Committee

  • Obaida Abdallah Merheb, Corporate Senior Infection Control Of?cer -  SEHA
  • Dr. Stefan Weber, Consultant Physician - SKMC
  • Dr. Jehad Abdalla, ID Consultant, Head of IPCC - Al Rahba Hospital
  • Dr. Fareeda Al Housany, Manager, Communicable Disease Department - HAAD
  • Dr. Muhammad Wasiful Alam, Director, Public Health and Safety Department - DHA
  • Dr. Najiba Abdulrazzaq, Head of Medical Department/Head of Infection Control and Prevention Central Committee - MOH
  • Dr. Ashraf El Hou?, DHA
  • Dr. Laila Mohamed Jasim, Consultant and Head of  Infectious Disease in Rashid Hospital - DHA
  • Dr.  Asim Malik, Consultant Physician, Medicine Services - Mafraq Hospital
  • Mohamed Sha?i, Director of PCI at CCAD - CCF
  • Abeer Khallaf, Infection Control Manager - SKMC
  • Dr. Mohammed Moazzam, Occupational Health Lead Physician, AHS
  • Dr. Farrukh Amin Sheikh, Head of Clinical Laboratory Institute & Microbiologist  - Al Ain Hospital
  • Dr. Waheed Uz Zaman Tariq, Consultant Physician, Lab Med-Microbiology/Serology - Tawam Hospital
  • Raji Mathew, Infection Preventionist Nurse - SKMC
  • Ng Wai Khuan, Prevention & Control of Infection Manager - Mafraq Hospital
  • Dr. Salwa Mustafa Kamal, Director of Laboratory Services, AHS-SEHA
  • Dr. Nasreen Al-Khawaja, Psycho - Oncologist, SEHA Corporate Office
  • Dr. Samer Ellahham, CQO, SKMC