Learning Objectives

  • Review the innovative and latest evidence based prevention of HAI (CLABSI, CAUTI, VAP, VAE and SSI)
  • List the essential components of an effective infection prevention program and management
  • Utilize Antimicrobial Stewardship as one of the infection prevention patient safety care strategies to prevent the development of Multidrug-Resistant Organism (MDRO)
  • Explain the Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management of Infectious Diseases
  • Describe the waste management process from Cradle to Grave
  • Identify the guidelines of environmental control in healthcare settings
  • Recognize the fundamentals of Infection Prevention and Control during construction
  • Review the best practices related to reprocessing
  • Discuss best practices that could enhance safety in the Reprocessing of flexible endoscopes
  • Review best Practices for Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization in All Health Care Settings
  • Sustain compliance with regulatory bodies related to prevention and control of infection.