MENA Conference Launches a New Website

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new website Redesigned with a fresh look and  feel plus improved navigation to effectively highlight information.
The new MENA Conference website provides new features responsive to the needs of our clients and prospective customers, offering extensive content, streamlined menus and simple navigation making it easier to learn, share and connect with us.
The homepage welcomes visitors with clearer messaging, clean uncluttered design, and featured content effectively highlighting information regarding our upcoming events.
We’ve added some new features..
 We’ve added the MENA Conference user profile/account (one time registration feature)  
 We’ve made sure the new website works properly on a tablet or smartphone
 We’re using a brand new search function that works across all our sites
 We’ve created a micro website for each conference
 We’ve improved the site navigation so that things are grouped together more sensibly, and you don’t get too many links on a page 
 We’ve used bold colors with lots of contrast to help people with sight problems
 We’ve cut back on unnecessary images to make pages load faster (and to save on your data costs if using a smartphone)
 We’ve made our online forms better to use and less cluttered 
 We’ve made it hosted in a cloud server which is more stable, fast and secure. 
While we are pleased with the new site, we also plan on further enhancements throughout 2016.  We encourage you to sign up and create a profile,  subscribe to our newsletter and check back often  for updates as new content is added.
We hope you enjoy the new site. Please send any comments or suggestions you might have to
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